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Silverleaf Custom Framing

2 weeks 2 minutes ago

We are doing it Houston. It's hard work but people are just getting dirty and helping people they don't know.

Silverleaf Custom Framing

2 weeks 1 day ago

Jessica is helping in Houston this Labor Day weekend. Silverleaf will be posting how YOU can help with Harvey Relief thru us over the next several weeks. Be looking for that soon.

Silverleaf Custom Framing

2 weeks 3 days ago

Silverleaf is partnering with Reverence Movement Sept 30th. Join us for Lumberjack Fun Sept 30th.

The Ultimate Lumberjack Games creates an opportunity for "weekend lumberjacks" to test out their brawn while raising money for a great cause. These events may sound intimidating but are modified for Jacks and Jills of all sizes to participate. Crews of 5 will compete to take home the title of the Ultimate Lumberjack Crew as well as other epic prizes!

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